Sns Samajam Vidyamandir


Nursery Class

  • The children seeking admission for L K G Class should have completed 3 ½ years on June of the year of admission
  • Birth certificate to the effect has to be submitted along with application for admission

Other Class

  • The children seeking admissions from 1 to class 10 should submit a transfer certificate from the transferee school. The students shall be admitted in the school on their performance in the entrance examination.
  • All the Photostat copies submitted at the time of admission should be attested by a Gazetted officer.
  • No students should be allowed to attend classes pending formal enrollment.
  • Any correspondence from teachers to parents and vice versa should be made only in the dairy.
  • Students on returning to school after leave or absence should produce the reason for the absence through the diary in the column provided duly signed by the parent to be countersigned by the teacher.


  • Procedures: Registration for Admission starts on the Vijaya Dasami day every year.
  • Parents seeking admission of their wards to the school, have to register their wards with the school giving their names and Date of Birth certificate for Age proof. Fees will be collected in the month of February for books school dairy and belt and uniform cloth.
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Requirements Date of Birth certificate & Aadhaar Id number


  • Transfer certificates will be issued only to those pupils who have fully settled all their dues including the school fees, on the written application by parents (both husband and wife)
  • Students leaving the school in the middle of the term should pay fees for the whole term.
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Fee Structure

Fee and student account paying

  • Fee defaulter’s all assessments/Exam results including the result of the class test will not be released.
  • All dues must be paid in full. Payments in installments are not accept. The school will take extreme option of sending the students home, if the fees or bills are not paid on time.
  • Fees once paid are not refundable.
  • Parents are requested to send the exact amount of fees as children often lose the balance amount.
  • Students seeking admission will have to pay the fees prescribed by the school and the fee structure will be subjected to revision at times.
  • Term fee must be cleared up-to-date to make the payment of any other fee.
  • All dues must be cleared up-to-date before obtaining any statement or document from the school.
  • The term fee must be paid before 15th of each term month. If the term fee paid after the fee date a fine of Rs.20/-per month will be charged. If the payment is delayed for one term Rs.200/-is to be paid as a fine, in addition to this Rs.75/-per default term will be charged. If the default term fee us not paid before 15th of the next term month, the defaulters name will be struck off from the school rolls. In such a case, readmission can be sought in the prescribed application from along with the readmission charge of Rs.2000/-. If the student is paying monthly fee on special sanction it should be paid as per norms.

Fees charged by the school is as per the norms fixed by the state government.Fee is commensurate with infrastructure and facilities offered by the school